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Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to: 

AREA 1. Big Data 

-Big Data Algorithms, Models, Applications, and Services

-Big Data Search, Mining, and Visualization

-Big Data Analytics and Metrics

-Big Data Persistence and Preservation 

-Big Data Processing and Programming Techniques

-Big Data Application and System Benchmarks

-Infrastructures and Systems for Big Data Analytics and Management

-Middleware and Tools for Big Data Analytics and Management

-Machine Learning based on Big Data

-Applications and Evaluation of Real-Time Big Data Systems

-Reliability and Availability in Big Data

-Security, Privacy, and Legal Issues for Big Data

AREA 2. Internet of Things

-IoT Protocols and Standards

-IoT and 5G Networks

-IoT Applications, Services, and Implementations

-IoT Interoperability and Multi-Platform Integration

-IoT systems collaboration and cooperation mechanisms

-Sensors Data Management, IoT Mining, and Analytics

-Ultra-low power IoT Technologies and Embedded Systems Architectures

-Resource identification, discovery, and profiling in heterogeneous IoT

-Wearables, Body Sensor Networks, Smart Portable Devices

-Design Space Exploration Techniques for IoT Devices and Systems

-Security, Privacy, and Trust for IoT

AREA 3. Cloud Computing

-Cloud Services and Applications

-Cloud Programming Models and Tools

-Cloud Storage and Databases

-Cloud Computing Architectures

-Cloud Availability and Reliability

-Cloud Computing for Mobile and IoT

-Cloud Migration and Visualization

-Cloud Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Trust

-Innovative Cloud Applications and Experiences

-Distributed and Cloud Networking

-Performance, Scalability, and Reliability for Cloud Systems And Applications

AREA 4. ICT Applications and Services

-Converged ICT Technologies 

-Converged ICT Applications 

-Converged ICT Services 

-Case studies, etc.